Our staff works tirelessly for the civil liberties and civil rights of all Idahoans. From Virgina to Mexico, our employees come from varied backgrounds to help keep Idaho safe and free. 

Amy Collins, Operations and Finance Manager

Amy joined the ACLU of Idaho in September of 2013. Before transitioning to the nonprofit world, Amy worked as a patent paralegal assistant. Amy manages the organization's finance and administrative work. Amy graduated from the University of Montana with a business management and marketing degree.

Jeremy Woodson, Community Engagement Manager

Jeremy joined the ACLU of Idaho in October of 2017, after living abroad in Spain where he worked as a digital media freelancer and English language instructor. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in professional journalism and has worked internationally in digital media and education for more than five years. 

Kathy Griesmyer, Policy Director

Kathy joined the ACLU of Idaho in 2011 and currently serves as the chief lobbyist for the organization. Before joining the ACLU of Idaho, Kathy worked on a civic engagement campaign to organize Idahoans to exercise their right to vote and educate them on Idaho's election system. Kathy graduated from the University of Oregon in 2010.

Kelsey Dillon, Director of Philanthropy 

Kelsey joined the ACLU of Idaho in March of 2019. Prior to joining the ACLU, Kelsey worked as the Development Director for the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. Her experience includes legislative work, communications, and fund development. Kelsey graduated from Pacific University in Oregon.

Leo Morales, Executive Director

Leo joined the ACLU of Idaho in 2011 as the organization's communications and advocacy department director. He became the executive director in 2015. Prior to joining the ACLU, he worked with a statewide non-profit advocacy organization addressing issues of poverty and racial justice. His experience includes legislative work, media relations, and grassroots organizing. Leo graduated from Boise State University. 

Molly Kafka, Community Lawyer-Organizer Fellow 

Molly joined the ACLU of Idaho in September of 2017. She was previously a public defender for Palm Beach County in Florida. She earned her law degree at City University of New York School of Law where she dedicated her time to social justice. She's worked with Urban Justice Center in New York doing homeless outreach and with the Tribal Defense Office on the Flathead reservation in Montana where she expanded upon her commitment to client-centered public defense.

Richard Eppink, Legal Director

Ritchie Eppink started work for the ACLU of Idaho in May 2012. He was previously the Justice Architect for Idaho Legal Aid Services and, before that, a Fullbright Fellow. He graduated from the University of Idaho and the University of Virginia. Ritchie manages all aspects of the ACLU of Idaho's litigation program. 

Ruby Mendez-Mota, Legislative Advocacy Fellow

Ruby joined the ACLU of Idaho in October of 2018 as the advocacy fellow for the organization. Prior to joining, she worked at a statewide non-profit organization as a senior policy fellow addressing and leading immigration reform, fair lending and civic engagement campaigns. Her experience includes grassroots organizing, legislative work, organizational strategizing and advocacy training. Ruby is currently finishing her undergraduate.





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