View from balcony of activist academy, which was held in senate chambers of Idaho Statehouse

The ACLU of Idaho works with members of the legislature and Idaho's congressional members to advocate for legislation that will protect and strengthen our civil liberties. We lobby the legislature, analyze proposed bills, draft and present testimony, contact legislative offices, and stimulate grassroots contact with legislators. Among many other civil liberty issues, our legislative work includes reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, immigrant rights, religious freedom, privacy, free speech, and criminal justice.

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2018-- HB 583 Expedited Eviction Process

HB 583, under the guise of updating Idaho landlord/tenant code, has the potential to significantly harm the housing rights of victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, and low-income Idahoans.

February 26, 2018

2018- HB 599 Driving Without Privileges Reform

HB 599 is a key piece of criminal justice reform to ensure low-income Idahoans are not penalized simply for being poor. With over 13,000 misdemeanor driving without privileges (DWOP) charges in FY 17, DWOP charges are one of the most charged misdemeanors in Idaho every year.

February 21, 2018

2018- HB 569 Israel Boycott

HB 569 raises serious constitutional concerns by barring the State of Idaho from working or contracting with any Idaho business or contractor who supports or engages in a boycott of Israel.

February 20, 2018 First Amendment

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