HB 583, under the guise of updating Idaho landlord/tenant code, has the potential to significantly harm the housing rights of victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, and low-income Idahoans. Under the proposal, landlords would be able to enact expedited eviction proceedings against a tenant if any person on the property engaged in unlawful business or committed a criminal act – which will disproportionately impact victims of crime, tenants who are unaware of criminal activity, and/or tenants who are not charged or convicted of criminal activity. Read bill text here.

The expedited eviction process will also significantly harm the due process rights of tenants who will face significant burdens in being able to adequately defend themselves against landlord allegation of unlawful business or criminal acts. Ultimately, this bill isn’t about giving landlords additional power, but putting them in a position where police can force them to make decisions about their properties with direct impacts on innocent tennants. 


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