Senate Bill 1342a would have authorized the use of the Bible in science classes if a teacher believes it “may be useful or relevant”, despite that courts have resoundingly decided teaching creationism or “intelligent design” is unconstitutional. We lobbied members of the House and Senate about our legal concerns with the bill in light of a disapproving Attorney General opinion claiming violations of Idaho’s Constitutional prohibition on the use of any religious texts in public schools. The bill was passed  anyway by both houses and was sent to Governor Otter’s desk for his signature. The ACLU of Idaho immediately acted, sending Gov. Otter a letter requesting his veto and initiating an online veto campaign encouraging our supporters to contact the Governor and share their concerns. On April 5th, Governor Otter vetoed SB 1342a citing the bills unconstitutional nature and his interest in protecting schools and teachers from ongoing liability.


Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll


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SB 1342a



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