House Bill 513 rendered Idaho’s 2009 ban ineffective on implementing the Real ID Act of 2005. As an organization dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of Idahoans, we were deeply concerned by HB 513’s attempts to comply with Title II of the Real ID, which authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to scan and store copies of our primary source documents to then be shared in a 50-state database. Those documents include items such as one’s social security number, birth certification, home address and other personal identifying information, making it a one-stop-shop for identity thieves. Despite raising our concerns and working with legislators to introduce amendments, the bill was passed out of both the House and the Senate, and signed by Governor Otter. With the bill being passed, the privacy rights of Idahoans including the storing, databasing, and sharing of Idahoan’s personal information, are no longer protected. 


Rep. Joe Palmer


Signed by governor



Bill number

HB 513a



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