Improving conditions at the Canyon County Jail.

In two lawsuits filed against Canyon County officials, the ACLU of Idaho has dramatically improved conditions at the Canyon County Jail.  Prisoners wrote to the ACLU of mold on the ceilings and walls of the housing areas, little or no outdoor recreation, severe overcrowding causing many to sleep on the floor, poor air circulation, respiratory and skin infections, scalding shower temperatures, inoperable showers and toilets, overflowing drains, discrimination against women, insufficient and unsanitary bedding, a faulty alarm system, arbitrary punishment, and retaliation by guards.  After filing suit to challenge those unconstitutional conditions, the ACLU learned that jail officials were threatening prisoners with retaliation for exercising their constitutional rights to file grievances about conditions at the jail.  The ACLU continues to monitor conditions at the jail closely.


ACLU of Idaho, ACLU National

Date filed

November 23, 2011


United States District Court


Honorable Judge Ronald E. Bush


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