BOISE -- The ACLU of Idaho is seeking submissions for locations for three murals to be installed around the state as a part of its 25th Anniversary celebration. The commissioned murals will revolve around the themes of human and civil rights.

Before a call to artists can be made, the organization must first find building or property owners who are interested in joining the project. 

"In other words, we need walls," says ACLU special project manager Kevin Kelpe. "The ACLU of Idaho has many members and supporters across the state so we're hoping there are business owners and property managers amongst those supporters who would be willing to help forward the mission and message of preserving, defending and advancing the civil rights and civil liberties of all Idahoans." 

Individuals or organizations interested in submitting locations are asked to contact Kevin Kelpe at with the following information.

  • A photo of the proposed wall that includes the surrounding site
  • Building address 
  • Direction the proposed wall is facing (north, south, etc)
  • Building surface material (brick, stucco, etc.)
  • Wall dimensions 

The ACLU of Idaho will be accepting location submissions throughout the end of the week (June 15, 2018) and will be contacting interested property owners during the week of June 18 for further details. 

Questions or comments rereading the 25th anniversary project should be sent to




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