The ACLU is launching the return of our “Ban the Box” legislation to ensure that Idahoans returning to the workforce post-incarceration are able to access employment opportunities by removing requirements to disclose previous criminal records during the hiring process. Meaningful employment is key to reducing the likelihood of recidivism, allows individuals to provide for themselves and their families, and increases their ability to contribute to Idaho’s growing economy.

Today, an estimated 21% of all Idahoans—one in five adults—have a criminal record. While over 8,000 people are imprisoned in Idaho, 95 percent of people in our state prisons and jails will re-enter our communities at some point.  These are people who have or will reenter our communities and need gainful employment to build stability and find success after incarceration. Banning the box gives all job applicants a fair chance at opportunity and a fresh start.Ways you can get involved in this campaign:

  1. Have you had trouble gaining employment, post incarceration? We want to hear your story! Your voice is critical to helping lawmakers and employers understand the need for passing this legislation.
  2. Are you an employer that hires people with previous criminal records? Contact our office and add your business to our growing coalition of employers who support passing Ban the Box legislation.
  3. Do you want to connect with your elected official and offer support for Ban the Box legislation? Check out our Lobbying 101 Toolkit for best practices for meeting with lawmakers.


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