One of the ways our democracy is ensured is through voting. Voting rights have been a contentious issue throughout America's history, and the ACLU of Idaho wants you to be able to continue to exercise your rights at the ballot box. 

ACLU Voters demand that candidates for public office commit to protect our democracy, end discrimination, expand rights, and ensure tht we live in a nation with liberty and justice for all. An ACLU Voter votes like their rights depend on it

As such, we've put together a wealth of voter education materials on voting in Idaho--both in English and Spanish--aimed at removing the shroud of confusion around voting procedures and increasing access to the ballot for all Idahoans.

The materials include detailed information on early voting, registration, absentee voting, voting with a criminal convition, transgender voting rights and every election deadline for the primaries and general elections. Most recently, we've also produced a separate pullout on voting information for folks experiencing homelessness. Find all of this information for download or print at the bottom of this page. 

In addition to written materials, we'll be at community events around the state distributing materials and talking with communuty members how to ensure high voter turnout and why it's so important. 

Interested in volunteering?

Part of our ACLU Voter campaign will involve Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts that will involve community canvassing and phone banking. We'll be looking for volunteers to help lead these efforts and expand our reach. If you'd like to volunteer with our voting education efforts, please contact ACLU of Idaho Community Engagement Manager Jeremy Woodson at

Campaign updates and reminders will be posted here and via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us today!

Voting Requirements:

To be eligible to vote in Idaho you must be all of these things:
  • A U.S. citizen
  • A resident of Idaho and in the county for 30 days prior to Election Day
  • At least 18 years old before or on Election Day
  • Not convicted of a felony. If you have been convicted, you must have had your civil rights restored. Your rights are automatically restored once you have completed all sentencing conditions including probation, parole and paid all fines. 

Identification Requirements

Idaho law requests that you show approved picture identification (I.D.) on Election Day before voting or you can sign a Personal Identification Affidavit if not registering to vote on Election Day. If you choose to use photo identification, the name on the I.D. must match the name on the voter registration list. If you are transgeneder and your photo does not match your presentation, you may sign the Personal identification Affadavit UNLESS you are registering to vote in person on Election Day. 
On the Affidavit, you will have to swear to your identity under penalty of perjury. Putting incorrect information on the affidavit is a felony.

Accepted Forms of ID

  • Idaho Driver’s License or an Idaho Identification Card issued by the Department of Transportation
  • U.S. passport or Federal Identification card.
  • A tribal photo identification card
  • A current student photo I.D., issued by an Idaho high school or post secondary education institution.
  • A license to carry a concealed weapon issued by a county sheriff in Idaho.


How To Register

You can register at your polling place on Election Day or you register early by filling out a registration card and submitting it to the County Clerk in the place of your residence. Registration cards must be received at least 25 days prio to Election Day. A list of county clerks is available online here
Early registration can be done either online (via the Online Voter Registration portal on, by mail, or in person at least 25 days before Election Day. For in-person early registration, you wil need to visit your county clerk's office. A list of County Clerks is available online

Register by Mail:

  1. Complete a registration card.
  2. Provide your Idaho driver’s license number or state I.D. number on the form. If you do not have a driver’s license or state ID, you can list the last four digits of your Social Security Number instead.
  3.  Be sure to send  in your application so that it is in  25 days prior to the election.

Register In Person at Your Polling Place on Election Day:

  1. Complete a registration card.
  2. Provide proof of residency that contains a valid address which matches the address used on your voter registration application.
  3. Provide a photo I.D. card. OR sign the Personal Identification Affidavit.

To Register Online 

You must have either an Idaho Driver's license or Identification card to register online. If you do not have these forms of identification, you will need to register by mail or in-person.

To register online:

  1. Use the Online Voter Registration portal on
  2. Follow the step-by-step prompts to complete the voter registration process.
  3. Make sure to register to vote at least 25 days prior to election day.

Documents Accepted to Prove Residency:

  • A valid Idaho driver’s license issued through the Department of Transportation.
  • A valid Idaho identification card issued through the Department of Transportation.
  • Any document which contains a valid address in the county you reside, together with a photo identification card.
  • Students may use a valid student identification card from their university or college in Idaho combined with a current student fee statement that contains the student’s valid address in the county with a picture identification card.


Early Voting:

Early Voting is a process that allows you to vote prior to the election if you know you will not be able to cast your ballot on Election Day. You can vote early by using the Absentee Ballot Process.

Absentee Ballot Process

You can vote early by using the Absentee Ballot Process, either by mail or in person.
To request an absentee ballot:
  1. Download the absentee ballot application online OR apply to receive an absentee ballot in the mail by submitting a written request to the County Clerk to request an absentee ballot. If you are currently incarcerated, request an absentee ballot from the jail administrators.
  2. Complete the application form and personally sign it.
  3. Submit the form early enough that the County Clerk gets it at least six days before Election Day.
To be a successful absentee voter, your offical mail-in absentee ballot (NOT the absentee ballot application) must be received by 8:00 pm on Election Day (May 15 for the Primary Election, November 6 for the General Election) .
In person early voting at your absentee polling place ends at 5:00 p.m. on Friday May 11, 2018 for the Primary Election and November 2, 2018 for the General Election.
For in-person early voting, contact your county clerk for dates, times, and location of the absentee polling place in your county.
A list of county clerks is available online at

Election Day

On Election Day, polls will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, unless otherwise posted.

Voting Locations

There are several ways to find out where to vote on Election Day.
  1. If you register to vote at least 25 days before Election Day, you should receive a voter registration card in the mail that tells you where your polling place is, depending on what county you live in.
  2. You can find your polling location at
  3. You can contact your County Clerk to find out where your polling place is.

Below you'll find voting infomational handouts in English and Spanish for print and/or download. These materials can also be found on our Know Your Rights Resources page here


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